Thinking about Fostering? Do you want to help foster children in Essex, Suffolk or London?

There are currently thousands of foster children across Essex, London, and Suffolk who, for many different reasons, cannot live with their birth families.

These children are much more likely to have suffered profound neglect and abuse, and they need to find stability with a foster care family, to develop a sense of belonging, clear boundaries and a consistent home environment - can you help? Find out more about the fostering process with us.

But what really makes a difference to these children’s lives are foster carers who are able to help them recover and progress from their difficult early experiences through long term fostering partnerships.

I Want to Foster is a fostering recruitment agency who help with the fostering process - we are committed to recruiting foster carers from diverse communities to help these children.

Are you ready to help fostering children?

We are looking for creative, mature, sensitive and empathetic people to help foster children, including situations which require therapy for foster children

Whether you are single, married, lesbian, gay, heterosexual, divorced or cohabiting – if you want to make the difference and foster children we want to hear from you today

Children need love and support, and people of all backgrounds who can give it to them.

So if you have the desire to bring hope, healing and laughter to a child in need of a stable, nurturing home, and feel that you have the qualities required to meet the sometimes challenging demands of taking a child into your life, you could become part of our "family" of foster carers.

Our guide to how to become a foster parent for children

Watch our foster carers talk about their experience on our YouTube Channel:

Find out more about fostering in Essex & fostering in Suffolk?

If you're interested in starting your journey as a foster carer, find out about the first steps or get in touch for more information.