Social responsibility at – fostering agency in Essex, Suffolk and London

Our aim is to encourage the foster children in our care to be socially aware and socially responsible

The organisations behind, Kites Children’s Services and Mosaic Foster Care promote and support projects across the world.

We involve our young people, giving them the opportunity to participate, learn and develop empathy for the plight that others face globally.

During 2009, we were introduced to a malnutrition project in Uganda. Malnutrition has now become a high priority issue in Uganda as an estimated 42% of the country’s under-5s are malnourished. According to the Ugandan Ministry of Health:

“The Nutritional status of the population, in particular women and children, is poor and a major health problem – Wars and irregular rainfall has disrupted food production and HIV/Aids has decimated families.”

To help combat malnutrition, the Ministry of Health requested that Ruth Sims, CBE, FRCN and her consulting team worked as its technical advisers – with the aim of improving hospital care for children with severe acute malnutrition.

As the national nutrition unit, Mwanamugimu treats the most severe cases of malnutrition. The treatment process has a number of different steps as appropriate:

  • Emergency Treatment.
  • Acute Treatment in Giraffe Ward. A child will remain here until they have stabilised and moved on to semi-solid foods (age dependent).
  • The Transition Ward (Zebra). Aims to move children on to solid food within a few days.
  • The Rehabilitation Ward (Elephant). Usually retains its children and their carers for around four weeks whilst the children get stronger and the carers receive health education.
  • Therapeutic and supplementary out-patient feeding clinics.

Social responsibility achievements to date are:

  • Staffing levels have been increased by using skilled volunteers and the Government had promised new permanent staff.
  • Funds have been raised to provide the staff with free hot meals.This is the contribution we make monthly and it’s a real pleasure knowing how the money is being used.
  • An emergency drug fund has been set up, so that life saving drugs are always available.
  • An internationally trained Uganda Nurse Consultant has been recruited to give hands on training.
  • Ongoing training has been implemented including all areas of paediatric training delivered by Great Ormond Street.
  • A full refurbishment programme has been undertaken and completed.

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