Why foster children in Essex and Suffolk?

Fostering  provides a child with a family life when they are unable to live with their birth family.

Although not always easy,  it is very rewarding for both the child and their carer.

By fostering, you can provide a stable home for young people who may not have experienced good parenting and who may have suffered from neglect and abuse.

Your work as a foster carer can help these children feel safe and learn to trust adults for the first time. It can also help them form healthy attachments to adults and other young people.

Helping children to develop – and succeed

Many would-be foster carers are put off by the thought of dealing with a child’s challenging behaviour.

But by providing a safe and nurturing environment, along with patience and understanding, you really can transform a young person’s life.

You will not only keep them safe from harm, but you can:

  • Improve their education – by supporting the child’s learning and not accepting second best
  • Provide emotional support – day to day, and after confusing or traumatic times such as contact with birth families
  • Develop their social skills – and encourage them to make friends and play an active role in the community
  • Nurture physical and emotional health – preparing the young person for adulthood.

It can be difficult fostering a child and accepting them, problems and all – but the role you play can be one of the greatest forces for good in our society.

You can do it. Learn how you can become a foster carer.