1st Annual Garden Party – July 2014

First Annual Foster Carer and family garden party in the park

Park pixelated photo

One of our Agencies held a Garden Party in a local park and invited Foster Carers their families and Foster Children to join in the fun.  There was an entertainer, games and great food.  Everyone had a fantastic time and we are now planning the next event!

This is what one of our Fostering Team had to say:

“The day started off the best possible way, with lots of lovely sunlight! This was a nice surprise as it had been forecast to rain all day long! There were lots of games for everyone to play and even some music if you fancied a boogie! We also had a children’s entertainer to keep all the children occupied, but as you can see from the pictures, he entertained most of the adults too! It’s just a shame I didn’t win one of those coveted golden chocolate coins in pass the parcel!”

A thank you from one of our Foster Carers…

“Jane* and me would like to thank the Directors and Managers for organising the Garden Party. We both enjoyed the afternoon very much and it was a lovely opportunity for the children to meet not only other children but also their families.

We are looking forward to the next event!”

*name changed for privacy