Craft Club June 2017

Fostering in Southend is different with our Agency.  We run a fun Craft Club for our Young People and it’s fantastic way for them to socialise and create!

A “chill out” CD and yoga deep breathing started off this session … all those attending were then relaxed and ready to create!

Tile art was the main activity. It involved drawing patterns on to a glazed tile with marker pens, followed by dripping tiny amounts of methylated spirit on the artwork to create a blurred effect. Some of the children chose not to blur and opted to just decorate the tile. The results are stunning and I think we could have a little cottage industry here!


For the food break, they picked lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries from the plants they have grown themselves, which they all found fascinating.


At the end of the session they took part in a mass “side plank” competition, which was great fun!

Craft club June


At a previous session, rules were discussed for the club and this time they chatted about the rules and if they had stuck to them. I am pleased to report that they all had, so they each received a sticker for that session on a group chart.


Once again, another fun craft club was had by all!


Does your agency offer this type of social activity for your foster child?

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