Feedback from our Carers

Feedback from our Carers

As an agency (Mosaic Foster Care), we pride ourself on the support we give our Carers.  They are part of a wider team around a young person and we respect and value them highly; so it is lovely to receive feedback such as this:


“We are near to completing our first year with our young person and fostering with Mosaic.  We have found our first year exciting as well as challenging.  It has been very rewarding to see how much our young person has changed in his time with us and he has settled so well into our family home.  He has become part of our extended family with ease.

Mosaic has been very supportive over the year with training and always being available if there was anything I needed to talk to them about.  I am really happy that I chose Mosaic as the agency I wished to work for and I am glad Mosaic chose me to be part of their team”.





“We feel that during the last year we have seen P make distinct progress in many areas of her development.  This has been rewarding…..

We would like it noted that we could not be as confident or as effective….. if it wasn’t for the never ending support of (therapist).  Her involvement and support both with home and school issues continues to be the best tool in our toolbox.”

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