Craft Club May 2017


As part of our fostering support package, we run a craft club twice a month.  Take a look at the activities in May.

1st session

For this session the Young People were shown how to weave wristbands with wool, using straws.  They made some wonderful things and had such fun.  They also made colourful straw decorated tea light holders.

For snack time they made their own wraps and fruit kebabs.  They prepared salad vegetables, chose a wrap and filled it with meats, cheese and salad of their choice.  For dessert they created a fruit and marshmallow kebab.  This prompted a discussion around healthy eating and they loved doing it so much they requested to do it again at the next session.

The Young People acted as a group, interacted and practised social skills which is so beneficial to them.

club may 1











The 2nd session was based around working towards an Achievement Award for Gardening.

The Young People potted up a hanging basket  with strawberries, petunias and fuchsias.

Sunflower seeds were also planted in individual posts – with a prize at the end of the Summer for the tallest!

They then planted a trough with a tomato plant and beetroot and lettuce seeds.

To complete the Gardening Award – they answered questions on planting, seed sowing, harvesting, naming fruits and vegetables, identified garden tools and discussed appropriate gardening clothing









Does your fostering agency offer activities like this?  Are you happy with the fostering support you receive?  Contact us to find out how fostering with us is very different to other agencies.

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Growing well…… more pictures to follow soon….