Fun Summer events with!

Fun Summer events with!

As part of the care and support we give the children in our fostering agency, we think that socialising and having fun is just as important as all the boring stuff that they have to do!

We organise a number of events throughout the year for the foster children in our care and their foster carers, as we believe this helps them to become more rounded and aids social integration.

Our plans for this summer include…..

A picnic in the park on 4 July 

Ten-pin bowling trip on 31 July

Barbecue on the beach on 22 August!

If you think that is something you would like to be included as part of your Foster Carer package, please take a look at our page on how to transfer to us, or call 0800 121 6401.

We offer fostering placements in Essex, Suffolk and parts of London