Amazing follow-up to ReMoved short film released

ReMoved was a stunning short film about a young child in the foster care system in the USA.  Originally created for the 168 Film Festival, ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.

This is what the maker had to say about this venture to bring this quiet, powerful story to the screen:

“We funded ReMoved out of our own pockets, and through the generous donation of people’s time and skills who similarly believed in the cause. And then we gave the film away to anyone and everyone who wanted to use it.

The film touched so many people – foster parents who had been struggling to believe in that child, to former foster youth who were for the first time revisiting their own trauma and seeing the hope for their lives, to otherwise uninvolved people who had never considered the experience of a child in this type of situation.

From little agencies in counties we’d never heard of, to heads of nation- wide government programmes, this little film has been making its rounds and touching lives far beyond our reach. We originally thought ReMoved might get a few thousand views, but it went on to get millions.

And we were incredibly amazed at the feedback we got. We quickly realized that ReMoved wasn’t and isn’t our film. People related to it on a level we’ll never understand. The film belongs to its audience.

Watch ReMoved online now:

Our goal in creating Part Two is to explore how we can not only care for abused, neglected and marginalized kids, but also help prevent them from ever becoming abused, neglected and marginalized foster kids in the first place.

There are two sides to foster care: The immediate necessity to be respond to the need that exists – the plight of the child, while at the same time working proactively to address the problem at its root – the struggle of the family the child comes from.”

And now, thanks to Kickstarter ReMoved 2  has been produced….

” Our goal is that this film can be in the hands of every single agency or organization that deals with issues pertaining to this film, so they can use it as a tool. We also want this to spread online. So if you’re willing, share with friends and family and organizations and news outlets via email, phone calls, facebook, etc.”


Watch ReMoved part 2

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