Secure Base and Attachment training for therapeutic fostering

Secure Base and Attachment training day for foster carers

Today we held one of our regular training sessions for our Therapeutic Foster Carers which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.  It gave everyone the chance to learn more, expand their skill set and meet the needs of the young people in their care.

Therapeutic fostering is vital for those young people who have experienced trauma in their lives and we specialise in this type of care.

If you would like to become a therapeutic Foster Carer and are interested in finding out more, please call our Fostering Recruitment Team on 0800 121 6401, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.  We are always at hand to answer your questions and hopefully help you on your fostering journey.

Our team of fantastic carers are based in Essex and Suffolk and we are looking for more nurturing, resilient and compassionate people to join the team.  Could this be you?

And a special thank you to the fab carer who brings us her amazing cupcakes to munch through the session!