Summer Activity August 2018






A 2 mile walk took everyone to a local fires station which we were greeted by Laura (Community Safety Officer) & Matt a fire fighter. Laura led the group through to the indoor parking area and up to a mock up of a bedroom. She proceeded to give a talk about the hazards and dangers of certain electrical appliances and household items and how to be safe in terms of fire risks. The Young People asked many relevant questions about what they could see before them. This was followed by a quick look round some of the fire engines in the station. The group were then taken to the outside yard where Matt had parked a current engine for us to look at. He then spent around 45mins talking about the various equipment on board, it’s importance and how it all worked. He also explained about the various types of fires that the fire fighters might have to attend. Matt ended the session by giving each Young Person the chance to use the water hose.


The group then walked from the fire station, the short distance to a park to sit and eat their lunch. They chose to spend this time in the playground area. Then the group began the walk to Head Office choosing a slightly different route to keep up interest!

With much anticipation, everyone filed into the room and took a seat to meet the owls.  Keith and Julie from Owls R Us were present along with 5 of their furry, wide eyed friends. The next 90mins was filled with Keith and Julie talking about each owl individually, answering questions and allowing the Young People to stroke and hold each bird.   Even those who were anxious at first managed to overcome their feelings and held and stroked the owls!



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