Summer Activity August 2018





The day started with a train ride to London.   The weather was fine and dry for the short walk from the station to Tower Pier where the City Cruiser boat was booked for a one way trip to Westminster Pier. The trip took 30 mins and the Young People enjoyed the commentary and sat on the upper deck.  Some ate their lunch on the boat and others had theirs at the next stop at a grass area next to the London Eye.

After lunch, they all went to the London Aquarium, which was great until the fire alarm sounded after 15 minutes and everyone had to evacuate the building!  There was some initial confusion and concern but the group was soon swept along with the rest of the visitors towards an exit, up two flights of stairs and out on to the South Bank. The group then walked around to the front of the building and patiently waited in the queue until the decision was made that re-entry was safe. Staff commended the Young People for their calm and responsible reaction to the unexpected evacuation.  After 20 minutes everyone was able to re-enter and the rest of the visit passed without incident.

The group exited the Aquarium and took the hour long walk back to the station along the South Bank, stopping only for a mid-way energy boosting ice-cream! Despite some rain en route, all were safely on the train and back home in good time!




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