Summer Activity August 2018

Summer Activity August 2018





The first activity of the day was a kick-boxing session.  Everyone took a short walk to the local park to meet with Oz from a local  martial arts school.  The Young People engaged with his warm up, teaching of moves and ensuing sparring.   The sky began to turn black and just as the 2hr session came to a close it began to rain.

The wet weather plan came into action and everyone got a bus to an indoor mini golf centre.  They split into groups and had fun competing against each other!  This was followed by an ice-cream before heading to the next activity.

This was a  DJ/Mixing workshop of 60 mins of high energy, high volume fun! The Young People introduced themselves to the two staff, and had a great time learning how to ‘mix’ music on the decks, singing, dancing and generally having great fun. Just before the end of the session, the group sang Happy Birthday to one of the Young People and presented him with a cake that was then shared out amongst everyone



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