A thank you from a Foster Carer

Our Directors received this letter at the end of last year and they felt they wanted to share it as it is so lovely to be thanked for what we do for our Young People and their foster carers.

“Dear Roz and Andre


Many apologies for my tardiness with this email. However, I do still wish to thank you for lunch last week. It was, as always, a very enjoyable event.


May I also take the opportunity to say that in recent weeks our family has needed some intervention, due to the behaviour of the young person we have in placement, and the support offered to us by the Mosaic team has been excellent.


Everyone has been great but we really would like to particularly commend Karen, not only for her professionalism and effectiveness but also for her kindness.  On the occasion that she came to assist us she remained for a significant time after the issue had been resolved to ensure that there were not going to be any further incidents. We appreciate this greatly.


All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year from V. and me.




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