Craft Club March 2018

Craft Club March 2018



This week’s activity was Easter crafts – Sock Bunnies & Easter Bonnets! The crafts were embraced by all. They produced very creative bunnies and stylishly decorated hats. One young person wanted to produce ‘twin’ bunnies and another added legs to his!

There was much chat and laughter throughout the activity. Despite the opportunity for mess, a Support Worker was the only person to accidently pour rice on the floor!!

Towards the end of the session,  the young people moved to one end of the craft table and after washing their hands, enjoyed a refreshment break of a selection of savoury and sweet foods including sausage rolls, chicken bites, grapes, popcorn and hot cross buns.

The last 30mins were spent finishing off crafts and clearing the tables. The young people appeared very pleased with their efforts and looked forward to showing their carers what they had achieved. Just before the end of club, they were all given an Easter Egg. 



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