Walk and Talk group March 2018






Late afternoon everyone met up,  in the pouring rain!  Most of the group were dressed in waterproofs and appropriate footwear, apart from one young person who had insisted on jeans, trainers and a fur hooded jacket!  Despite the inclement weather the young people appeared in good spirits and up for the challenge. 

Backpacks were filled with hotdogs, rolls and cheese for the midway snack. One of the support workers realised she did not have the frying pan and called her mother who agreed to drop it off.  The group set off, following a brook towards the woods.  Lots of chatting went on and despite the saturated ground, the incessant rain and the chilly temperature, the young people managed the walk well and listened to instructions on not striding too far ahead and of being mindful of the mud and deep puddles! However, one young person found it hard to resist jumping in every pool of water despite being advised that her trainers would fill up!


BeFunky Collage



After collecting the frying pan, the group found a shelter by a Visitors Centre under which to prepare the hotdogs. It was at this point that it was realised that the gas bottle had been left in the boot of the car! As a result, the group enjoyed (?) a ‘cold dog’ with cheese along with their flasks of hot drink!! One of the girls had her birthday the following day, so they had a birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday.   Once food and cake were consumed and bags repacked, the group set off for a walk around the woods.

Then it was home time and it was at this point that the rain finally ceased and the sky brightened!!!!!



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