Summer Activity August 2018





A 10.00am start with Young People, Foster Carers and Support Workers all ready for their yoga session.  The Yoga Teacher introduced herself and then asked for each of those present to give their name and one line of information about themselves before outlining her rules to listen, respect one another and not to chew the yoga mat! The next hour or so was spent with her teaching the group a warm up, invigoration breathing exercise, a series of poses, a Sun Salutation, some balances and finishing with a relaxation visualisation. Her class was directed and aimed at and for Young People and incorporated ideas and poses to encourage strength, resilience, courage, patience, understanding and serenity.   Many of the Young People surprised themselves with how well they managed and how much they enjoyed the class.

At midday, the group went to the seafront. They ate their packed lunches and applied sunscreen as it was an extremely hot day. Then it was time to get on the open top bus complete with ice-creams!

After the bus trip along the seafront they spent time on the beach and enjoyed an hour on the beach playing frisbee, paddling and digging in the sand.

If you are interested in becoming part of this therapeutic fostering service, we are looking for carers from all backgrounds in Essex and Suffolk to join our team to provide full time or respite care.

Please get in touch and we will advise and help you on your fostering journey