Craft Club May 2018


 MAY 2018

This session was  all about creating with air clay. It was explained how to create a simple bowl, pot or design and  all young people put on an over shirt to protect their clothing. A Support Worker  had produced examples earlier in the afternoon to show the rest of the group. The atmosphere was relaxed, with the young people immersing themselves in the project.

After the tables (and hands!) were cleaned, the young people  sat on a mat and made their own wraps and rolls from a variety of healthy fillings. There were also bowls of fresh fruit on offer. As a treat, individual strawberry cheesecakes and trifles were also enjoyed. Banter was light hearted and revolved mainly around current chart music and the various SATS, mocks and assessments that were taking place in each of the schools the young people attended.

The remaining 30mins of the session was spent drawing, colouring and card making.

It was a really fun, interactive session as these photos show:





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