Therapeutic Fostering – Well-being measure of our Foster Children

Therapeutic Fostering – what is it?

News from our Head Of Therapy – Chris Bennett:

“Every year as part of our commitment to gathering information related to the young person’s view of their life in our fostering agency (Mosaic Fostercare) we are completing the Well-being measure.

This involves each Young Person completing a brief questionnaire related to their experience of care with Mosaic and assessment of their well-being under the various headings outlined below.

The completed questionnaires are analysed to provide us with a unique picture of the cohort of young people within the service’s view of their well-being.

The scores outlined are normed against the general population of young people who have completed the questionnaires, the higher the percentile score the greater sense of well-being under the specific heading is experienced by the assessed cohort.

As you can see from the scores below the general sense of well-being and satisfaction in their care felt by the young people in our fostering agency currently is positive and encouraging.

Information is used to target service provision towards any areas of identified poor well-being. Overtime we hope to be able to compare well-being scores from one year to the next.

Agency cohort Well-being scores 2016:

  • Self-esteem  94%
  • Emotional Well-being 88%
  • Resilience 93%
  • Friends 82%
  • Family 88%
  • Community 97%
  • School 79%
  • Life satisfaction 96%

For more information on the Well-being Measure please go to

Kind Regards

Chris Bennett
Head of Therapy