How We Support You

The agency working with offers you exceptional support to become a happy, motivated and talented Foster Carer. These are just some of the ways we help you.


As a specialist fostering service, we provide therapeutic solo placements for children who have experience trauma, and who have associated emotional, behavioural and attachment difficulties.

This means that the child placed with you will receive individual assessment and weekly therapeutic intervention by a highly skilled and qualified therapist. In addition, the same therapist will meet with you on a monthly basis to help you understand the child better and help with any concerns you may have (we call this clinical supervision).  Our therapy team also run monthly support groups for carers in your area, so that you can support each other.

Financial Support

We provide our Foster Carers with financial support as well as an allowance for the younger person in their care. These amounts are reviewed annually and can be as much as £640 per week – much of which is tax free (please consult your tax advisor for full details).

The “reward element” we offer you recognises that you need to have an income while fostering. The young person’s allowance is there to cover costs such as personal items, clothes and transport.


You will enjoy excellent training before and during your time as a Foster Carer.  During the initial stages, you will participate in  our Skills to Foster sessions to equip you for your role as a Foster Carer.

Once approved, you will benefit from completing the Training and Development Standards workbook during your first year – and you’ll be supported by a mentor and supervisor as you complete it.

In addition, there is an annual programme of training, (both mandatory and optional), including in-house training from our Therapy Team.

There’s also online training you can complete via the Fostering Network.

Practical Support

We provide you with excellent practical support, and you will be allocated a Supervising Social Worker to help make sure you benefit from the training and supervision you need.

In addition, during the initial months of your placement, a Fostering Support Worker will arrange a series of support sessions with the young person, giving you a break.

We’ll provide you with an Ipad so you can access support materials and to make diary recordings easier and securely.

Always on call

You can use our comprehensive three tier on call system outside of office hours.  Our on call service is staffed by senior managers within the organisation who are available to offer telephone advice and support.  They are assisted by on call respite foster carers who are trained to respond in practical ways, for example visiting the home to support another carer outside of office hours.  In addition, a Director is always on call.

A high worker to Carer Ratio

We have a high worker to Foster Carer ratio – each Supervising Social Worker supports no more than nine carers at any one time. In addition, there are Therapists and Fostering Support Workers with direct involvement with the carers and young people.

Fostering Network

The Fostering Network is a national organisation which has been set up to support Foster Carers with issues ranging from insurance through to training and advice.

We strongly support the Fostering Network and provide membership for all our carers. A member of our team attends the National Forum for Independent Fostering Agencies.

Holiday and respite benefits

In addition to training/support and financial incentives, carers receive 3 weeks paid respite per year.

We also have our “Once in a Lifetime Fund” which can be applied for once in the child’s lifetime to give them that ultimate wished for experience!

Appreciation Award

In 2018 we launched our Appreciation Awards for Foster Carers, to acknowledge the valuable contribution made to the lives of our Young People and dedication shown to our Fostering Agency.

The Awards mark the 1, 5 and 10 years’ anniversary of being a Foster Carer and to go with the Award, the Carers will receive a gift voucher:

1 year            £ 25

5 years         £250

10 years       £500


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